Things To Do in Lake Erie

Things To Do in Lake Erie

Published: July 1, 2024

Larry Stacklin
Larry Stacklin
Lake Erie
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Explore Lake Erie: Fun Activities After Your Fishing Charter

After you have fished with us, here are some fun options for the whole family to enjoy around Lake Erie. Known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural offerings, Lake Erie offers a plethora of activities beyond fishing charters. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Start your post-charter exploration with a visit to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. As one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States, Cedar Point boasts thrilling roller coasters, water rides, and entertainment for all ages. Spend a day riding the iconic Millennium Force or cooling off at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, making memories that will last a lifetime.

For nature enthusiasts, Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, offers stunning landscapes and outdoor activities. Explore over 13 miles of scenic trails, rent a kayak or paddleboard to navigate the tranquil waters of Lake Erie, or relax on the park's sandy beaches. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, where interactive exhibits showcase the region's natural history and wildlife.

Discover the charm of historic Lakeside, Ohio, a quaint community known for its Victorian architecture and family-friendly atmosphere. Stroll along the picturesque Lake Erie shoreline, explore unique shops and art galleries, or attend a live concert at the Hoover Auditorium during Lakeside Chautauqua's summer season. For a taste of local flavor, indulge in homemade ice cream from Dockside Café or enjoy a lakeside meal at Sloopy's Sports Café.

Step back in time with a visit to the Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island. This historic landmark commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 and offers panoramic views of the lake and surrounding islands from its observation deck. Explore the visitor center to learn about the history of the area and enjoy the tranquil setting of Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Continue your adventure with a trip to Kelleys Island, Ohio's largest freshwater American island. Rent bicycles to explore the island's scenic trails, visit the Glacial Grooves State Memorial to view ancient geological formations, or relax at Kelleys Island State Park's beach. For a unique dining experience, savor fresh seafood at The Village Pump overlooking Lake Erie, or enjoy casual fare at The Kelleys Island Brewery.

Whether you're seeking thrills at Cedar Point, exploring nature at Presque Isle State Park, or soaking in the history of Perry's Victory Memorial, Lake Erie offers endless possibilities for family-friendly fun after your fishing charter with Stackin Fish Charters. Plan your post-charter adventure today and discover the beauty and diversity of Lake Erie's attractions.

Things To Do in Lake Erie After Fishing with Captain Larry

Lake Erie, one of North America's Great Lakes, captivates visitors with its natural beauty and diverse recreational opportunities. Spanning across four states—Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan—Lake Erie's shores offer a blend of scenic landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant communities. Known as the "Walleye Capital of the World," Lake Erie attracts anglers from around the globe seeking prized catches such as walleye, perch, and smallmouth bass. Beyond fishing, the lake's sandy beaches, like those at Presque Isle State Park and Cedar Point, beckon sun-seekers and families looking for outdoor relaxation.

The lake's rich history is reflected in attractions like the Marblehead Lighthouse, Ohio's oldest operating lighthouse, and Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island, commemorating a pivotal War of 1812 naval battle. Cultural enthusiasts can explore lakeside communities such as Lakeside, Ohio, renowned for its Victorian charm and summer arts events. Whether enjoying thrilling rides at Cedar Point or savoring local cuisine at waterfront eateries, Lake Erie promises an unforgettable experience blending natural wonders with cultural heritage.

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